November 1, 2017

LaKota Scott: Woven Jewelry

I'm always amazed by the jewelry produced by Navajo artist LaKota Scott.

Each piece is handmade using copper wire woven around a thin leather cord, and transformed into a mini Navajo basket that you can wear as earrings, a pendant, or, now, a bold cuff.

I barely have the patience to weave at the normal basketry size, let alone the teeny tiny micro 1.5" wide mini size. I am just totally impressed. Scroll down to see more examples of her work.

About her work, she says "The technique I use is a mesh of watching family members make baskets growing up on the Navajo reservation and my affinity of using wire, which grew on me during a sculpture class in college. Each basket has its own characteristics and no two are exactly the same."

Each piece is unique and totally collectible. Click here to shop her options now and support this extraordinary emerging artist!


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