September 1, 2017

Glamour: Native Representation

I've said this so many times, but I truly mean it: we live in an extraordinary and exciting time. 

Pick up the 2017 September issue of Glamour magazine to see just what I mean. 

While Blake Lively graces the cover, two important articles inside highlight Native American women.

Just two months ago in June, I was contacted by a writer for Glamour magazine. They were writing a cover story, called 50 States of Women, that highlights the diversity of women in the US. I was selected to represent North Dakota. Pictures of a few made the print edition, including mine, in which I wear a ribbon skirt by local artist Judy Kakenowash Azure and a large beaded collar necklace by Kellie Henry (above right). Our quotes accompany an extensive survey of American women and our thoughts on self-esteem, body image, confidence, beliefs, and hopes and dreams.
In addition to this article, the issue also includes an impressive 8-page feature spread on Native American model Khadijha Red Thunder (Cree). In the spread, pieces of Red Thunder's powwow regalia are mixed in with designer threads by Etro, ChloĆ©, Coach, Missoni, and more. 

Pick up a copy and send a letter to the editor letting them know that these inclusions, while maybe small, mean so much.


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