October 31, 2016

Jamie Okuma | New Fashion from Traditional Designs

We've seen many European and American fashion designers attempt to bring traditional Native American regalia into contemporary fashion, and fail miserably. The idea is exciting, but, how do we execute the concept in a way that honors our past, while celebrating creativity and authenticity?

Jamie Okuma has been knocking our fashion socks off for years now, and we are so pumped to see her latest creations. These items feature original traditional designs made by Okuma with beads, elk teeth, brass sequins, and feathers for her regalia.

After snapping high-resolution photographs of the regalia, the images were remixed and digitally printed onto different fabrics that were then used to make elegant silk scarves, stylish bodycon dresses, and hip stretch leggings.

By remixing the designs that she has made herself, these traditional tidbits become cool fashion that can be worn and appreciated by people of all backgrounds. She is sharing her cultural legacy and personal creativity with us, and that is so awesome.

These beautiful clothes also look killer paired with her Parfleche necklaces, which are modern renditions of old rawhide containers that were used in the Plateau region to store food and other goods. These containers were painted with mineral pigments in geometric patterns. Her necklaces represent simplified versions that pack a lot of punch! We love it all.

There is so much to appreciate with Jamie Okuma's latest brilliant designs, and we hope you'll check out her collection online now!