November 17, 2014

Rebelina: A New Collection by Candace Halcro

I love working with designers and seeing their collections grow. It's always exciting when an artist breaks out and creates something new. For artist Candace Halcro, she had always loved creating a variety of beaded accessories, but she became known for her awesome beaded sunglasses. Well-constructed, with some of the best color combinations, she spent a good deal of her time filling the demand for her beaded sunglasses. But now she's found a way to balance it all (while still being a full-time mom!) and Beyond Buckskin talks with her about her new accessories collection, Rebelina.

BB: Can you tell us a bit about Rebelina?
CH: It`s All about the accessories with Rebelina. Everything is hand crafted with great detail and care. I like to do limited editions and/or one of a kind pieces because every girl wants to be the only one with that necklace, bag or sunglasses!

BB: How did the collection start?
CH: I started Rebelina to promote myself and my designs in a direction that would become more of a brand.

BB: What’s the inspiration behind it?
CH: The idea behind my accessories is urban chic mixed with the traditional art teachings of Indigenous people here in Canada. Basically when I create pieces I think of this imaginary girl, she listens to hip hop, alternative grunge and loves street fashion trends, but her spirit is a wild hippie flower child. It`s not a conflict for her though, she dresses and accessorizes for both her personalities blending them together in perfect harmony!

BB: Who’s the girl that wears Rebelina?
CH: I feel that is the same girl who wears Rebelina. She`s into all fashion styles and trends, but her taste doesn`t just apply to fashion: it applies to interior design, food, travel and music. She wants to be unique and be the best accessorized girl around, without spending an arm and a leg.

BB: What are your hopes and dreams for this collection?
CH: My dream is to have every girl wearing Rebelina accessories. And possibly in the future expanding to clothing. I think right now the choices and path ways are endless and it`s only a matter of which way I want to go with it!

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