June 19, 2014

Printed Village Scarf Competition

Fabric flowing, emblazoned with ancient designs painted in bright contemporary colors - scarves in peach geometric patterns or blue organic forms to wrap around and bring the ancient ones back from beyond.

This is the goal of Printed Village's new scarf design competition.

Each month Printed Village holds a contest and the winning design is then transformed into scarves for small boutiques and big retailers like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, and Barneys.

Printed Village's mission is to communicate the excitement and joy of experiencing new places, cultures, aesthetics, and worldviews. As a print house and growing design community, Printed Village is a collective of artists, and new designers are constantly featured as a means to bring greater recognition to various creative individuals but also to inspire other artists to push past design and into a web of meaning, history, and beauty.

This month's challenge is to design a scarf that is inspired by a tribal theme. The concept is purposefully loose, but I think we need Native American and First Nations designers to submit their work. Even if a design is not selected as the winner, the work is still displayed to thousands of viewers on their Facebook page, so it's a great new avenue for Indigenous artists to showcase their work. I hope this leads to greater recognition of the amazing talent of our artists, and I hope you all will submit to the competition and get your work out to a broader audience! It is easy to submit, and you can click here to access the information and scarf template - the deadline is June 23rd!

You can sign up to be a part of Printed Village's design community, and early sign up can be found here, and you can Like them on Facebook here.