January 18, 2014

#GoNative Day 6 Picks

It has been an amazing past couple of days - I'm falling in love with all the beautiful images posted on Instagram and Facebook featuring Native American fashion and creativity. I've learned about new artists, and saw Beyond Buckskin products worn by some pretty awesome folks.

We're on our sixth day, and the #GoNative campaign to wear Native-made fashion and jewelry for a week has already been a blast. I love incorporating Native fashion and jewelry into my wardrobe, and I think I'm not alone! You can scroll down to see some of our favorites.

Many images already have hundreds of likes. To celebrate, we're giving away five $20 BBB Gift Certificates to the ones with the most likes, and, yes, you have a chance to win! Just post a photo of yourself wearing Native American-made clothing, jewelry, or accessories, and tag it with #GoNative (click here to read more about the contest). You can also help us pick the winners by liking the images you think should win - just click here and tap on those hearts!