July 26, 2013

Beyond Buckskin x Homeskillet Fest

Greetings from Alaska! I am sitting here at a table next to a window overlooking the ocean. A cruise ship is docked, and tourists are exploring the small town of Sitka on this cool summer day. Smithsonian Magazine recently named Sitka as one of the best small towns in American to visit in 2013.

“There are photo ops galore at the Sitka National Historical Park, site of the last major battle between Europeans and Native Americans on the Pacific Coast,” writes Smithsonian author Susan Spano.

“No other town in the 49th state has Sitka’s charisma. To wander through its historic downtown is to appreciate how three cultures – Tlingit, Russian and American – were woven together,” she adds.

This scenic location is playing host to the annual Homeskillet Festival, which launches tonight. The fest is organized and curated by artist/musician Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut), who has a great ear for hidden talent and seeks out musicians on the cusp of exploding onto the international scene, including great acts such as Macklemore, Hanni El Khatib, Don't Talk To The Cops, Nahko and Medicine for the People, and much more (scroll down to watch the videos of the music that inspires this collection of gear). This year's festival spotlights an eclectic group of musicians coming from all over the country. Click here to learn more.

Beyond Buckskin is teaming up with the Homeskillet Fest to offer the collection of tees, hoodies, and tanks exclusively to BBB shoppers. Click here to shop now.

We're also shooting our second lookbook in Sitka. The town's rich culture, history, and lush wilderness will provide an amazing backdrop to the cool new collection of streetwear and couture that we will have in stock for Fall/Winter 2013.

The following video features the amazing Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People, who has performed at Homeskillet twice before:

The following video was shot during Homeskillet Festival 2 years ago:

The following video features Don't Talk To The Cops, who were artists at last year's festival:

The following video features Homeskillet founder Silver Jackson, aka Nicholas Galanin, in a video shot in Sitka:

On A Boat - Silver Jackson from HomeSkillet Records on Vimeo.