June 3, 2013

BB Facebook | Best of May

I post a lot of fashion news on the Beyond Buckskin Facebook Fan Page. It's a great way to share info quickly without having to write an entire post on it.

Every month I compile these tidbits into a 'Best of' post where I highlight some of the coolest images, the most interesting articles, and the biggest misappropriators that were posted to BB's Facebook page. Click below to check out the Best of May.

1. Right off the bat, on May 1, some racist sh*t went down, but our good friends at A Tribe Called Red, coupled with other strong voices of the Native/First Nations communities, spoke out against it and got this response from the musician named TAI who included incredibly offensive artwork, title, and sounds in his recently released "Indian Kill" EP. Don't be afraid to demand that people and companies be ethically and morally accountable for their choices and actions.

2. Jamie Okuma launched her first Lookbook (above left).

3. There was this fabulous and insightful article by the Taos News about our fave Project Runway contestant, Patricia Michaels!

4. Whitesand First Nation's model Jade Willoughby signed with Wilhelmina Model Agency (one of the world’s largest modelling companies), and is getting set for a move to New York City. She also works to raise awareness of Indigenous history, culture and current realities and help youth follow their own dreams.

5. The Powwow for Hope was on May 4, it is a fundraiser to support cancer education and supportive services for American Indian communities. If you can't make it to the powwow, you can show your support by buying a pair of BRAVER earrings (below left) and help families affected by cancer.

6. Patricia Michaels is planning to show again at New York Fashion Week in September, possibly collab with Zac Posen, and have a future retrospective at the Smithsonian Institution. (Her Eagle Feather Scarf is above right). Click here to read about it. Go get 'em girl!

7. On May 7th we celebrated the one year anniversary of the Beyond Buckskin Boutique! Thank you everyone for a fun and successful first year! I am looking forward to the years to come :)

8. It's graduation tiiiiime!! Give all our young scholars a big ol' hug from Beyond Buckskin. We are proud of them and love our future leaders:)

9. This guy is SO ANNOYING:

10. I launched a new FEATURED section on the Boutique site! Here, I select 20 favorite items from our collection - just trying to make it easy to support fabulous Native artists and designers!

11. Someone save me a copy of the June issue of Elle Canada please!!! They have an article about Native appropriations in it!! Say wha?!

12. The Soft Museum 8-BIT Feather Fantasy earrings were sighted on CBC News Report about the upcoming TV Show "Mohawk Girls"! I love when Native American/First Nations artists support other Native artists. Watch the news clip here, and buy your 8-Bit earrings here.

13. I love Nelly Furtado's song "All Good Things", and to hear Native musician and hoop dancer Tony Duncan play the flute part is so incredible.

14. Yep:

15. Beyond Buckskin gets an AWESOME shout-out in this article about award-winning artist Nicholas Galanin.

16. It is a huge honor to have my work with Native American fashion designers and Beyond Buckskin featured in the June 2013 issue of Cultural Survival Quarterly - the publication of the non-profit organization that partners with Indigenous Peoples to defend their lands, languages, and cultures. Click here to read the publication online (special thanks to Kristen Dorsey for such a well-written article!)