February 16, 2013

Powwow Chic on Project Runway

The 11th season of Project Runway is kicking into full gear with the latest episode that featured the popular "Unconventional Challenge." Contestants are required to use unusual materials to create fashionable garments. For this season, designers had to use materials from both a flower shop and from a hardware store. Dubbed 'Hard and Soft,' the collection from each team had to be cohesive, yet stand out (a winner must be picked, and a loser must go home).

Beyond Buckskin's favorite designer, Patricia Michaels, has been in the top since the season began, either on the winning team or eve in the top 3. For this episode, Patricia decides to make a floral cape, "significant of Mother Nature" she explained. Above, she is pictured with the base of her design that will later be covered in flowers.

Time and collection cohesion are the biggest challenges that the designers face, and Team Keeping It Real (Patricia's team) finds itself on the "not quite the winning team" team. The judges were so impressed with everyone's designs, they had a hard time selecting a winner and a loser. The show's hostess, Heidi Klum highlights Patricia's dress as one she likes, and Runway judge Zac Posen chimes in that the design is 'Powwow Chic.' Indeed the sway of the floral work from the sleeves (above) was reminiscent of powwow shawls worn by female dancers. Patricia does not walk away with the win, but her score qualifies her to continue on for another week.

Michael Costello writes great things about Patricia, and for his latest blog post he wrote, "I love Patricia and all that she brings to the table. It's so sad—we see a quick shot of Michelle saying she don't like Patricia or wants to be in a team with her and then we see a split screen to sweet Patricia saying she likes Michelle! So sad."

He also wrote, "This year at MBFW, I went to the "Project Runway" Designer Reunion Party and got to meet the Season 11 designers. I really enjoy meeting Patricia, who is one of my favorites this season and has a very beautiful story to tell. She is so humble and I am hoping to see more from her in this competition."

Click here to watch the Unconventional Challenge episode now.