October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday | Heard Museum Vintage Fashion Show

Two years ago I posted about the Heard Museum's NU (Native + You) event which featured a show of vintage fashions from Robert Black’s boutique (Fashion By Robert Black) paired with traditional and contemporary jewelry from the Heard Museum Shop.

In addition to showcasing dresses made by Lloyd Kiva New in Scottsdale in the 1950s, the show also featured designs by Dolce and Gabbana, St. John, and Bob Mackie. I think we need more vintage fashion shows. We're so quick to throw things away these days, I like the idea of upcycling and reinvesting in 'an old dress.' Secondly, we need more fashion shows that showcase Native American designers alongside American designers like this one did. Click here to see the video and tell me what you think.