September 20, 2012

The Soft Museum

"Fine art, graphic design, illustration, character design, and custom streetwear for the definitive hoodrat." - The Soft Museum.

Headed up by young artists Autumn Dawn Gomez and Nico Salazar, The Soft Museum brings us a fun and colorful artistic collaborative rendition of the world around us.

Beyond Buckskin is proud to introduce this new collective to the Boutique site, and their story is below.

The twin entities known as Nico and Honey fell to Earth from a sugar star (somewhere in the high cosmos) and were born into human bodies in Santa Fe, NM. They experienced early life apart, as Nico spent his childhood traveling around the North American west coast and the volcanic island of Hawaii. Young Autumn experienced her early years in Santa Fe, Taos Pueblo and Comanche country. Once they were reunited by the age of 12 and notebooks were passed and together they shared dreams of becoming comic book artists, ufologists, and cryptozoologers. Thus began their quest to higher consciousness, creativity, and self expression. They now reside in The Soft Museum, a display of lifelong collections of soft articles and oddities documenting their adventures on planet Earth.

Autumn Dawn Gomez (aka B.Honey) was born in Santa Fe, NM. She is Comanche, Taos Pueblo, and Navajo Indian. Yes, a real Indian. When she wears beaded jewelry, leggings, and turquoise, it's more than a puny fashion statement. It's identity.

As a baby, she was taken to many powwows, Indigenous cultural functions, family gatherings, art shows and IAIA student poetry readings, all where she developed her unique perspective. She decided she would be a fashion designer in the 4th grade, but first she would become an astronaut.

By the time she was in 9th grade, her science and math grades were terrible. She realized she might never be an astronaut. But she was really good at drawing, writing, photo-ing, and sewing. She was also in a lot of theatre productions, some of which were awesome and in London, England; some of which were just okay, had only 2 audience members, but were mad fun anyways.

Autumn is a 2010 BFA Graduate from the Institute of American Indian Arts. Though she received her degree in Creative Writing, she was left traumatized, unable to read or write for a year. It ended up being fine because in late 2009, the Soft Museum was born. Autumn now has an outlet for her dream of becoming a designer while being an astronaut and also has several paranormal powers.

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