September 10, 2012

BB Facebook | Best of August

I post a lot of fashion news on the Beyond Buckskin Facebook Fan Page. It's a great way to share info quickly without having to prep and write an entire post on it.

However, if I only post it to Facebook, well, Facebook has a tendency to kind of 'swallow' good images, links to articles or videos in the sense that, in general, we don't really want to go through all the scrolling to dig it up again.

So I'm going to start doing a 'Best of' post for each month where I highlight some of the coolest images, the most interesting articles, the biggest misappropriators, and the neatest videos. So, now that we're a week into September, it's safe to look back at August and pick out some good ones, so, fashionistas, here you go:

1. I asked you guys what you thought about this fashion teepee video. The video inspiration is the designer (of the Japanese label visvim) erecting teepees in Paris. I think we are still confused by it.

2. This SWAIA picture (above left) of a tinytimes Navajo girl named Maria made us do a collective cooooo.

3. We supported the Australian Boxer who wore his Aboriginal Flag at the Olympics.

4. There was this excellent article in the Huffington Post on Virgil Ortiz and the power and importance of ancient interpreters and transformers.

5. The Examiner highlighted Beyond Buckskin.

6. I said, "Who the fuck is Matt Lauer."

7. The IACB finally stepped up and convicted an Anchorage Man for Falsely Advertising Products as Alaska Native.

8. Cree Nisga'a kept the party rockin' with great PR for their totally awesome boots (below).

9. The queen Cree/Metis designer Angela DeMontigny launched a t-shirt collection (above).

10. Virgil Ortiz posted profiles of all his mega-cool Venutian Soldier models.

11. Native Peoples launched a free version of their official SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market magazine.

12. It was Navajo Code Talker Day - giving us a great opportunity to honor our leaders. "Our language is sacred, and used by heroes."

13.This came to my attention (thanks Grant!):

14. Colleen Simard gave us her perspective on the Tribal Trend, and many of us weren't buying what she was sellin'.

15. Fashion HEAT kicked butt, took names, and got a ton of press here, here and here and here.

16. The fabulous Miss Jamie Okuma won the Best of the Best award at the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market.

17. This confused us:

18. We cooed over this list of the 12 of the Most Adorable DIY and Handmade Baby Moccasins. Ever.

19. Vice Magazine gets witty about Cultural Appropriation.

20. There were these cool images of Penny Singer and Bonnie Woodie designs on Indian Country Today.

21. There was this nifty article about Bethany Yellowtail and the all new Native Strong Magazine.

22. Vintage Pendleton Pamphlets told us all about Native American symbols - except they forgot this one:  ;)

23. Christina Thomas, Northern Paiute, was selected to Represent the U.S. in the Miss Humanity International competition.

24. Kristen Dorsey's Blood Quantum earrings caused a stir.

25. The coolness of Planet IndigenUs happened.

26. Shaylin Shabi nabbed the Miss Native American USA title (below).

27. Hello Kitty was infected with the Tribal Trend bug and rolled around in some 'Aztec' glitter (above).

28. This very cool interview with tribal attorney / LuiseƱo fashion designer Laura Miranda happened.

Now... onward to September!!...