August 6, 2012

Santa Fe Indian Market 2012 Fashion Events

The Santa Fe Indian Market kicks off in less than two weeks! There are tons of events and openings going on - for example, while the official Market doesn't start until Saturday, Market-related events begin the week prior.

I fly in on Wednesday, just in time to hit up the Gallery openings on Thursday and Friday. Every year I post a list of fashion events, mostly to keep myself organized, but also to show how fashion is an important component. Here's the list of cool events that you can catch me at!:


WHAT: Virgil Ortiz's Venutian Soldiers Opening Reception
TIME: 5-7pm
WHERE: Zane Bennett Contemporary Art
DEETS: I'm really excited for this one, because we get to see Ortiz's latest clay creations (which will undoubtedly be stunning and amazing) but his models (see below) will also be present. Complimentary Limited Edition Venutian Soldiers Posters will also be given out to all guests who attend the opening night reception. Awesome. The exhibit itself runs until September 20, 2012.


WHAT: Art for Wear
TIME: 10:30am-12:30pm
WHERE: Wheelwright Museum
DEETS: Meet the designers on the leading edge of the Native fashion world in this intimate setting put together by the great folks (and super sweet volunteers!) at the Wheelwright Museum. I like attending this event because it's early in the day (no time conflicts) and the designers are there to chat, and the environment is really chill. Bonus: BBB artist Shaaxsaani (of Indigenous Princess) will be at the Native Chic jewelry show in the Case Trading Post store demonstrating skin sewing techniques.

WHAT: Third Annual SWAIA: State of Native Arts Symposium
TIME: 3-5pm
WHERE: New Mexico History Museum. 113 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe
DEETS: I have been asked to sit on this panel discussion, which will look at how we define 'quality' in Native American art. What is it? How do we know when we see it? I will be a panel member, joining hot-shots Kevin Gover, Andrea Hanley, Joe Horse Capture, Charles King, and Bruce Bernstein in a roundtable discussion about current and future directions in Native arts.

WHAT: Fashion Heat – Native Fashion Show
TIME: 7-10pm
WHERE: Allan Houser Art Park at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts
DEETS: Alright, I am super-pumped for this event for several reasons, but the top 3 reasons are 1) it features kick-ass designers, 2) it is at a great venue, and 3) my good friend Amber-Dawn Bear Robe is the organizer/host, and she's asked me to help (I frickn love behind-the-scenes work). This is going to be a fabulous event, so definitely make sure you are there, and you're wearing your hottest, sexiest outfit.


WHAT: Santa Fe Indian Market
TIME: 7am-5pm (both Saturday and Sunday)
WHERE: Santa Fe Plaza
DEETS: It's the event that everyone has been waiting and preparing for the entire year! The 91st Annual Indian Market is the world's most prestigious Native American arts show with more than 1100 artists, food and demonstration booths, entertainment and more. Approximately 100,000 people visit Santa Fe for this event! It's free admission, and the official hours of operation are Saturday from 7am-5pm and Sunday from 8am-5pm. Here's a list of some of the textile artists and designers I'll be checking out (and some their booth space numbers):

Melissa Cody (Booth 733 LIN-W), Sho Sho Esquiro and Summer Peters (Booth 902 on Cathedral Place), Lauren Good Day Giago, Orlando Dugi (Booth 237 PAL-S), Dorothy Grant (Booth 747 LIN-E), Corrine Hunt, TahNibaa Naataanii, Jamie Okuma, Virgil Ortiz, Ramoncita Sandoval, Penny Singer (Booth 739-LIN-W), Margaret Roach Wheeler, JT Willie (Booth 344 FR-S), and Virginia Yazzie Ballenger.


WHAT: Native American Clothing Contest
TIME: 9am-12pm
WHERE: Santa Fe Plaza
DEETS: The second day of SFIM kicks off with this cherished tradition - the Native American Clothing Contest (NACC) is one of the most beloved and anticipated events. For over twenty years, the NACC has been the most photographed event at SFIM. The contest includes categories for traditional and contemporary Native American fashion design, and it also features a super-cute children's category. Awards are given in over 20 categories. I volunteer for this event every year because I absolutely love it, so peep me somewhere behind the scenes at this one.

WHAT: Vital Strides III
TIME: 10am-5pm
WHERE: North Courtyard Park
DEETS: This is the third year running for this cool event. Beginning in 2010 with my friends at the IAIA Associated Student Government (Keith Grosbeck, Mylan Tootoosis, and Daryl Lucero), ASG pairs a pair of Tom's shoes with Native American mega-artists in a fun silent auction fundraiser event. Support the students of IAIA by attending this event, and bidding on some one-of-a-kind cool kicks for your feet (or your wall!?).