May 7, 2012

Beyond Buckskin Boutique Launch!

The Boutique is now live! Buy now at!

Buy Native: Specializing in Native-made clothing, jewelry, and accessories, this new site features some of Indian Country's most creative style-makers. Several different artists represent five categories of fashion, and everything from high-end couture to underground street style is represented.

All garments and accessories included in the Boutique have been hand-selected, and their makers come from all backgrounds. Some of the participating designers are award-winning artists and established professionals while others are new to the scene - yet off to a quick start with undeniable talent, skill and creativity.

This is an exciting new venture for Beyond Buckskin, as we hope to expand the image of 'the Native' in fashion to include items made by Native American and First Nations people - rather than just the stereotypical representations put forth by mainstream non-Native designers and companies.

The site is officially up as of today, and will be updated weekly with new items and new artists, so be sure to check back often for updates.