March 28, 2012

Frybread Style

So here's the deal. My good friend Amber-Dawn Bear Robe just moved in with my other good friend Chris Eyre. She was telling me about how she had to go through all his stuff while they were unpacking, and she kept coming across these clothes that SHE KNEW Chris would never wear again. She suggested Goodwill. He said No.

See the clothes are like memorabilia. They remind him of the good times. He'll never frolic in them again, but, good grief, he can't just throw away good times! And neither can we. Hence, the idea for a photo shoot commenced. See, we all have clothes that we just CAN'T PART WITH because they were gifts, they remind us of important times, they are us, they are our history.

At any rate, she was showing me these jackets and hats that were clearly from a different era, and all of them were bedazzled with Indianness, and I thought, "We should do a fashion shoot!"

So, here's what you get when you combine corduroy jumpsuits with beaded baseball caps, and Free Leonard shirts with APTN windbreakers, and beaded leather cowboy hats with bulky Pendleton jackets, and Frybread Power shirts with bone chokers. You get some mega-cool NDN styles, because sometimes we have to remember that fashion can be totally fun and ridiculous - and style and attitude is everything.