February 17, 2012

RED Model Management Seeks Native Models

Attention Native American and First Nations models, future models, past models, and just, overall, chicks and dudes.

I received an email the other day from a representative at RED Model Management about scouting some Native faces.

RED Model Management is a high-fashion agency based out of New York City, and they are looking for Native American women and men to bring into the agency. I think that's pretty cool that an agency is actively seeking out representatives from the Native community. This is an amazing opportunity to get into the New York scene, so please, everyone, send them your photos. Flood their inbox with Native/First Nations awesomeness. Even if you're not in NYC, show them what we've got.

They state, "We seek to represent the All-American look. For us this means fresh, fun, classic and diverse!" And the best part?: "We are NOT into stereotypes, but looking for anyone who has what it takes to break into New York fashion!"

So hit them up - send your photos to Jennifer Rodriguez at assistant@rednyc.com. Visit the RED website at www.rednyc.com.


  1. Hello Jessica!

    I just want to say that I love your blog! You've inspired me to start my own.

    Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!

  2. I went to the red web site, it says woman have to be 5'8 or taller...I am 5'3 and Im 28! Not under 25 like it states...I wanted to try out for this Native American thing you posted...Guess Im not qualified for it.

    1. My girl is 5'1 have u found any leads to shorter native models Dr. Jessica ?

  3. I am a designer showing at NYC fashion week. Also seek native American models. We will have a fundraiser for #NoDAL on February 13 3-5pm
    Please contact vilmamaredesign@gmaail.com