November 25, 2011

Video | Jhane Myers Talks Powwow

Jhane Myers Noisecat, Matriarch of the Noisecat family, who will be participating dancers in the 2011 Gathering of the Nations Pow Wow this weekend, joins Nikki from to talk about her heritage and family, and the 2011 Gathering of Nations Powwow. Her daughters Wakeah, Peshawn and son Fuji share their talent with a dance to the beat of a drum played by Roger DeWayne Tofpi, of both Kiowa and Ute Heritage.


  1. I think First Nations represents the Native Americans. They were first, and the oldest, and deserve respect. I am saddened at Standing Rock that this can still continue today.
    I am so curious to write my paper today about Native Americans' traditions.

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