October 11, 2011

Urban Outfitters, You Ain't Navajo

Oh man, what do you get when you combine Urban Outfitters with the critical minds of Jezebel, Racialicious, Native Appropriations, and Indian lawyers?! - this little ditty below.

Urban Outfitters- Don't claim Navajo, unless it's Navajo, and you ain't Navajo. So knock if off.

Urban Outfitter’s ‘Navajo’ Problem Becomes A Legal Issue

Sasha Houston Brown of Minneapolis published a strongly worded open letter to Urban Outfitters yesterday at Racialicious. Brown, who directly addresses C.E.O. Glen Senk, takes the clothing chain to task for its appropriation of Native American arts and crafts, and its frequent use of the word "Navajo" in product names and descriptions...

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