October 19, 2011

Speaking of Navajo... Men of the Navajo Launch Calendar

So, last week I was on a plane, and the girl in the seat in front of me had a magazine. I couldn't help but peep her zine since I haven't really engaged in non-academic reading in quite some time.

She was reading an article about Blake Lively. I don't know who this person is, but the magazine said she dates the hottest guys. Yeah, the hottest. So I'm like "ooh, the hottest?!?" and I adjust my seat to get a better view of the spread. Turns out that Blake dates only white guys, and white guys, dear Popular Culture Magazine, are not the hottest guys.

Case in point - the Men of the Navajo have just released their 2012 calendar. Women on the Facebook page for the Men of the Navajo are rawring at the photos. One commentor even said, "He's hot! Almost as hot as fry bret!" Now that is HOT.

The Men of the Navajo calendar features handsome Native American men from across the Navajo reservation. This attractive and entertaining calendar reveals the modern spirit of today's Navajo men. I hope other Native nations pick up on this calendar trend (hint hint Chippewa and Cree).

Click here to get your Men of the Navajo 2012 Calendar.