October 27, 2011

Apache Chronicle

Need some mid-week badass inspiration?

Check out this upcoming experimental documentary about the life and art of five strong Native women, who are also talented artists and skateboarders affiliated with Apache Skateboards.

Starring Melissa Cody, Razelle Benally, Rebekah Miles, Lynnette Haozous, and Tasha Hastings, this doc is produced and directed By Nanna Dalunde in collaboration with Douglas Miles of Apache Skateboards.

(Left: Lynnette Haozous as Lozen in: "Apache Chronicle")

Here's the trailer:

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  1. Am so very glad I stumbled upon this amazing educational, empowering, uplifting, inspirational blog! You are doing a wonderful job providing us with this amazing news! These woman are a proud representation of The Apaches and of Woman in general…. Keep up the good work and I profoundly enjoyed this blog.♥