June 22, 2011

DeMontigny Designs for Haida Musician

Fashion designer Angela DeMontigny outfits Haida musician Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson for her latest CD.

DeMontigny says, "I am proud to announce the upcoming launch of Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson's newest cd....I am also proud to have her wearing some of my custom designs...especially the jacket on her stunning album cover."

With this CD, Williams-Davidson is striving to keep tradition alive by introducing something new. She has written: A responsibility of aboriginal artists, storytellers or singers is to keep the knowledge alive, and if need be, to change the ceremonies or bring new creations into the world so that the knowledge remains relevant to people. To remain static denies the creativity and genius that flows from the Creator.

(Williams-Davidson wearing a black leather trench with lime green mongolian lamb collar made by DeMontigny)