June 28, 2011

Breeze: Reclaiming Sacred Knowledge with Streetwear

Thomas Marcus, aka Breeze, is one of my favorite street artists. He is Tohono O’odham from the Gila River and Salt River communities located near Phoenix. Breeze is a quiet storm, producing colorful graphic art that radiates out like a beautiful explosion.

Inspired by traditional O’odham basketry, Breeze’s two-dimensional art references the intricate patterns made by his ancestors.

But Breeze also translates his distinctive style to the world of streetwear, and his latest t-shirt design is based on the idea of taking back and taking over sacred symbols, geometry, and knowledge. Yes, he is badass like that.

He wrote:
“For centuries, corrupt organizations have been stealing sacred symbols. One example being the ‘All seeing eye’ or Pyramid with the eye, which is often associated with Conspiracy, Free Masons, NWO, etc. Ancient human ancestors, such as the Egyptians, used the symbol to represent the Eye of Horus, which represented protection, power, and health. The Symbol is also found in Buddhism as Buddha's ‘Eye of the world.’”

This latest shirt design is called V.III.I.VII. (5317), and it features the pyramid symbol with a complex sun design glowing out from behind it. A simplified music record represents the eye.

He explains:
“The wings right below represent the divinity of us as spiritual beings, and the importance of complex thought and creativity. It is also a symbol to represent ‘inspiration to take flight,’ meaning we are infinite and boundless, so let us live to our fullest potential.”

At the bottom of the design is a ‘coded language,’ representing all ancient scriptures of knowledge and wisdom throughout human history.

The shirt comes in both black and white options for men and women. For more shirt info, or to order, email Breeze at breezephx@gmail.com

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