May 10, 2011

GON 2011 G Jewelry, Mea Bfly, and Dre Lynn Design

At the annual Gathering of Nations Powwow, I always get to catch up with some great artists/fashionarias. Check out these three super fly ndn chicks and their badass earrings!:

G Jewelry
Tina Ootsukaeliza has been creating affordable, fun to wear accessories ("handmade with love"!) since 2005.

If you missed her at GON, you can check out her selection on Etsy, or email her for more information at

She was reppin' a huge selection at GON (see left), and even spotted me some dope black and white earrings featuring the badass artwork of one of my favorite artists, Thomas Marcus (aka Breeze).

Mea B'fly Designs
MaRia Bird is the creative mind behind Mea B'fly earrings, which also pack a lot of punch. Her color combinations are gorgeous. The patterns featured on her earrings are digital collages of old photographs and vivid handpainted designs carefully transferred onto lightweight stained wood. Mea B'fly Designs has its own Facebook page and Etsy page. Her 'Simple Love' circle earrings, 'Heartbreak Kid' oval earrings, and 'Origin (Hopi/Pueblo)' teardrop earring designs are pictured below (my photography is kinda weak, so be sure to view her webpages to check them out in all their awesomeness):

DreLynn Design
Created by Andrea Preston, DreLynn Design earrings are a fusion of bright colors, geometric designs and powwow aesthetics. Silver and gold metallic accents and a sense of cool '80s inspiration give her earrings (and rings) a fresh contemporary feel. I love her painted designs as well as her beaded versions.

In light of the recent misuse of Geronimo's name (you know, Osama's code name), she posted on Facebook, "Wearing my G Jewelry Geronimo earrings today :) And tomorrow I'll wear my Mea Bfly Sitting Bull earrings. The next day RedCloud, and then her Chief Manuelito earrings the next. I'll keep doing so, until everyone knows that these are heros - not terrorists!"

Amen sistah! Support these cool artists and rep Native pride. Click here to check out the DreLynn Design Etsy page and the DreLynn blog.