April 26, 2011

Artist Profile | Nathalie Waldman

My friend Nathalie Waldman recently started making and selling hand-made leather purses that were inspired by her Dene heritage - she is a member of the Dene First Nation Dogrib Tribe located in the Northwest Territories.

Her bags are embellished with long flowing fringes, beaded rosettes, and fasteners made of silver, bone, and shell. Most of the purses have adjustable straps that can be detached, allowing the purse to be hooked to the belt loops on your jeans. They come in colors ranging from very bold (hot pink, turquoise, and purple), to more subdued or natural hues (such as tan, white, brown, and black).

You can find her purses in boutiques throughout Santa Fe, and she launched her first full collection at the 2010 Santa Fe Indian Market last August.

(Me and my friends Alisse Ali and Amber-Dawn Bear Robe try on some of Nathalie's purses.)

You can also find her purses online at the Keshi online store.


  1. We purchased a purse of hers for our daughter - who has very special tastes in fashion.  She seldom finds something she loves and LOVED the elk skin (white) purse we bought her.  She has native american heritage (Cheyenne Arapaho).  It was purchased at a gift store in California - being from Kansas - Santa Fe would have been much closer.  The work on the purse is beautiful!

  2. Nathalie is amazing! Her work is so beautiful and she sells out quickly and is in high demand! So if you ever see her purses, definitely snatch them up, as they are produced in limited quantity!