March 23, 2011

Heard Indian Market 2011 - Sheridan MacKnight

I had the great opportunity to meet the wonderful miss Sheridan MacKnight a few weekends ago at the Heard Indian Market. She is primarily a ledger artist, but she also creates these little (big) earrings. And they are badass. I bought a pair (I'm a sucker for earrings) and everyone who has seen me wear them, throws in a compliment ("wow, I like your earrings"). They are stunning. I think I have worn them almost everyday since I got them.

So, this is a special post - an homage to my new earrings.

(Me rockin' Sheridan MacKnight earrings surrounded by the artwork of America Meredith and Linda Lomahaftewa. March 2011. Heard Indian Market in downtown Phoenix. Photo by America Meredith)