March 19, 2011

Heard Indian Market 2011 - Craig Kelly

Artist Craig Kelly (Navajo) is a jeweler who creates 3-D work out of mixed media. He's won awards for his work and participates in the Santa Fe and Heard Indian Markets. Kelly incorporates unusual materials, such as carbon fibers or computer wiring, and beads a variety of subject matter (from skulls in film strips, to nudes, to tropical sunsets!), to create his jewelry designs. He grew up in Church Rock, NM and now lives in Albuquerque.

My favorite piece of his work was a large beaded gorget. It's a self-portrait and it's beautifully done. The colors are gorgeous. But another awesome piece was a beaded medallion of DJ Dead Mouse. Super cool! Kelly will also be at Native Treasures this year, held annually in Santa Fe. So I will definitely have to check out the Native Treasures show to see what new stuff he brings.

Scroll down to see images of Kelly's work. Doug Miles and I chatted with Kelly at his booth at the Heard: