February 1, 2011

Interview with Sho Sho Esquiro in Swagg News


SN: Tell us a little bit about the origin of Sho Sho Esquiro.

Sho Sho Esquiro: The name itself has always been a nick name for me, people always call me Sho Sho and Esquiro is my last name so its pretty much me. Im From the Yukon Territory and my native nation is Kaska Dene and Cree.

SN: Where did you get your Swagg from? was fashion always a passion or was there something that inspired you along the way?

Sho Sho Esquiro: Basically it was always a passion of mine, my grandma was always into fashion and mom is an artist, my grandpa and dad are both business entrepreneurs. With my grandpa when I was a kid if I wanted to have a lemonade stand id have to have a business plan, haha Now, my combined love of art, fashion, fabric, color, my heritage and hip hop that is what inspires me that’s what Sho Sho Esquiro is.

SN: To give the readers a better feel for your line If you had to compare what clothing line would you compare Sho Sho Esquiro to, whether it be the prestige or the Swagg?

Sho Sho Esquiro: I would say that i’m doing my own thing, I get inspired by Hip-Hop,Urban culture, color, fabric and recycled things. I like to use colors and patterns that people wouldn’t really think to put together.

SN: What are your plans for the Line? Do you plan on keeping it more custom made, or is there retail in the future?

Sho Sho Esquiro: Some of my hand painted stuff is already retail! But I would compare it to when you find a bananas underground mixtape, like a diamond in the rough. So I like to keep it custom, I use a lot of recycled leather and fur and environmentally safe materials like hemp and bamboo. And I like the fact that If you buy one of my hoodies your never in your life gonna see it again, its wasn’t made in no sweat shop. I like to keep my pieces original. A lot of my clothing will have similar fabric but I always use the fabric differently and team it up with different textures and colors so I never create the same piece twice.

SN: What sets Sho Sho Esquiro aside from other native inspired lines?

Sho Sho Esquiro: Right now there is a lot of really talented native designers out, I’m excited to be part of a society called “Bee the Change Arts Society” we support young women at risk in the community, and positive change. I also work with Pendelton which is an American Indian trading blanket, they have been around for over a 100 years. But I would say Sho Sho Esquiro Clothing is more of a hip hop feel, and mine is custom. When I paint, I paint well known indian chiefs and pay homage to our heritage and wear it with pride.

SN: Who can wear Sho Sho Esquiro? is there an ideal target?

Sho Sho Esquiro: Anybody can wear it, if you want to stand out and have individual style. I love to see Hip-Hop artists in my stuff. I love to see environmentally, and socially conscious people rock my stuff young and old.

SN: The custom hoodies are definitely NECK UP, where can people who are not in Vancouver Canada check out these hoodies and more importantly how can they order them?

Sho Sho Esquiro: My website is actually under construction, I get a lot of business from Facebook.. and most of my business is sent out to the USA and Eastern Canada. You can hit me on Facebook at “Sho Sho Esquiro Clothing” I take orders from there and once my site is up it will be easier to view my line and order from there.”www.shoshoesquiro.com” coming at ya in march 2011

SN: What is the next step for SHO SHO ESQUIRO? What can we expect for 2011?

Sho Sho Esquiro: Basically for 2011, I am going to be part of a fashion show this month in Winnipeg then a fashion show here in vancouver in march with the amazing artist and clothing designer Alano Edzersa. A native business trade show in vegas in march, selling on location in AZ and Gathering Nations Pow wow in Albuquerque, NM, in april. I worked as a costume designer before so I feel blessed to fulfill my dream to be self employed, and do Sho Sho. it feels nice to see people in my clothes while showing pride in my heritage. I’m going to be collaborating with a lot of amazing Native artists and music artists this year so its gonna be an exciting year.

Swagg Review: Sho Sho Esquiro is a Native inspired line that combines the use of various colors, fabrics, and textures. Using hand painted prints and custom 1 of a kind designs sets this line apart from competition. If you’re looking to update your Swagg with clothing that no one else has; Sho Sho Esquiro is definitely SWAGG APPROVED.

- Interviewed By: Mel Famous