December 9, 2010

Martini Couture at Scottsdale Fashion Week

Last month, Martini Couture (by Dii Martin of the Navajo Nation) was featured during the annual Scottsdale Fashion Week in Arizona.

Scottsdale Fashion Week is one of the premiere fashion events in the Southwest, and Martini Couture opened the Friday night set. She’s a rising star on the fashion set, pumping out high-end rez streetwear packed with a ton of attitude and cute little cocktail dresses well-suited for a night out on the town.

Martini Couture was also featured (along with several other Native designers) at a fundraising event held later in November at the Heard Museum (more to come).

“I loved every minute of SFW. I’m so proud of myself to have jumped at the opportunity. I would love to do it again, even try for other fashion weeks in different cities.”

“I heard a Native designer was going to be at the Scottsdale Fashion Week back in 2007. It was Virgil Ortiz. I went to the show and loved it. I said to myself - someday I will be here...”

“When the finale dress came about, I felt at the highest moment in my life – I’M HERE! at SCOTTSDALE FASHION WEEK!”

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