October 17, 2010

Oda: The Beauty in Imperfection

Everytime I look at the fashion designs made by the collective oda, I get excited. So I was delighted when I saw they started up a Facebook fan page where you can see all their latest fashion designs and photoshoots.

(Hand-Beaded Medallion Tank)

Born from a shared vision of creating hip, wearable art, oda's design trio – Angie Kim, Mandalyn Begay, and Maggie Kim – introduced their debut collection at San Francisco Fashion Week, August 2005. With a signature style tinged in Edwardian tradition and incorporating a Tokyo-pop flavor, their clothes feature exquisite, handmade embellishments designed to accentuate the beauty in imperfection. Angie and Maggie first met Mandalyn as undergraduates at Dartmouth College and started their eco-fashion line when they met up again in San Francisco.

oda create's apparel that people can be confident wearing and supporting. The current collection is inspired by Native American and Korean traditional costume. In line with oda's belief in the use of socially and environmentally sound materials and practices, cottons, hemps and wools are organically produced. The other fabrics are made from natural fibers like soy, and colors are hand-dyed or tea-stained. Clothing details are eco-mindful as well; feathers are collected locally from molting chickens and buttons are made from found antlers and bamboo. Maintaining and fostering the skilled crafts of traditional cultures is important to oda's philosophy and inspiration.

Check out the oda Etsy shop and website, or view my previous designer profile on them