July 20, 2010

Designer Profile | Linda Kay Peters


Linda Kay Peters is an Ojibway/Cree born in Red Lake, Ontario, and currently lives in British Columbia, where she is a member of the Seabird Island Band. Through her company, Ringing Bell Robes, Peters creates garments that display her First Nations heritage and her interpretation of these cultures.

Although Peters has no formal training in fashion design, she’s always had an interest in sewing and as a child she used to create clothing for her dolls. Later her grandmother taught her how to use a sewing machine, and in her early teens she began sewing clothes for herself.

Peters is a self taught couturier, which started over ten years ago with the creation of a vest used for line-dancing.

This first vest was made from upholstery fabric, the design was cut from a leather skirt, and the lining was from a pair of slacks. It wasn’t long before other dancers requested outfits also.

In 1996, Peters’ interest in designing Native clothing was inspired by Carol Starlight Mason, a fashion designer from the Blood reserve in Alberta. Mason became her mentor and played an important role in inspiring her creativity. Since that time Peters has created vests, coats, and jackets for men, women and children. Her most recent work has been designing formal wear and creating traditional dance regalia.

Her garments and accessories can be found at powwows, art markets, and traditional gatherings. Many of these creations were cut from recycled clothing and jewelry made of unique materials. For example, some of her purses, vests and skirts were redesigned from old jeans or upholstery fabrics, creating one-of-a-kind garments from unique fabrics.

Peters’ creations have sparked interest in communities across Canada and she has displayed her work through fashion shows in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Montana. In 2003, she was selected along with ten other First Nation designers from across Canada to show her fashions at the National Aboriginal Music Awards and the Sky Dome Powwow held in Toronto.

Coordinating fashion shows since 1997, Peters noticed how her youth models experienced a sense of pride after participating in one of her fashion events. As a follow-up project, she developed a participatory youth self-esteem workshop that focused on teamwork, leadership, and modeling.


  1. By the way does she have a website? I did a search and could not find anything...

  2. A lot of the information that I found about this designer was from her involvement with Bee The Change. I couldn't find a website either, but here is her contact info from the Seabird local businesses website:

    Ringing Bell Robes
    Linda Kay-Peters, traditional name Kaysaywaysemat
    Tel: (604) 869-5443 Cell: (604) 750-0403
    • Custom Made First Nations Walking Art Wear

  3. Thank you for the information!

    I am standing up in my friends wedding and she said we can make whatever dress we want as long as it is burgundy and black. Sounds cool, eh? I would prefer to have my dress made by a Native designer.

  4. I called Linda Kay-Peters but have not heard back from her.

    I was wondering if you know of any Native fashion designers in Michigan (where I live)? If not Michigan then maybe Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana? And if you know of an Ojibway/Anishinaabe, Potawatomi or Ottawa/Odawa fashion designer in the states I mentioned that would be awesome too. I would like to have my dress for my friends wedding made by a Native designer.

  5. Hi ..i didnt know this was posted here..but thank you for the write-up. I do not have a web site yet..but will have one up and running this year. During my fashion designging, I have worked full time in health. I now only work parttime and I am in the process of making a transison more into my clothing business so you will see and hear from me more ofte. And I am also one of the designers being featured at the National Aboriginal Fashion week in Regina June 21 - 23, 2012. So if you interesrested in seeing my new line come see the show...Also the contact infor posted below is correct, however is best to contact me via my email..lindakaypeters@hotmail.com

  6. Hi...I believe we did finally speak..but you were looking for someone closer right....thanks for apprecatting my work...it good to hear and know someone out there like what you create..:D

  7. Hi Jessica..thanks for the posting and write up. Its really appreciated. If you would more info or photos let me know...Thanks so much..Linda Kay..Ringing Bell Robes

  8. This girl is going to be a top Canadian designer some day !! Absolutely LOVE her work. Last year a fashion show with many of her garments  was one of the events included in the July  21st Aboriginal Day celebrations held here in Hope BC. This event was organized by the Hope Trails Crossing Frienship Centre and was was held in beautiful Memorial Park  located in the downtown core area of the town.