April 2, 2010

Article | Jerry Hall Shuns Surgery For American Indian Look

Sorry but this article was just too much of a gem to pass up -

Hall Shuns Surgery For American Indian Look
on 02. Apr, 2010

Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Jerry Hall has passed her modeling mantle onto her daughters – because she’s now too "fat, wrinkled and old" to grace magazine covers.

The Texan beauty was an acclaimed fashion model during her 1970s and 1980s heyday, and strutted the runways well into her 40s.

But the star admits her time in front of the camera is up and she’s adamant she will steer clear of surgery – insisting she wants to look like an ancient American Indian.

She tells Woman and Home, “I’m going for the eccentric, wrinkled suntanned look instead. I love the sun. I want to look like a North American Indian – big jewellery and wrinkled, suntanned skin. Much better than the skinny, cut-up look.”

And Hall is happy to let her daughters with the Rolling Stones legend – Lizzie and Georgia – grace the covers of magazines these days.

She adds, “I used to love modeling but now I’m fat, wrinkled and old it’s not so much fun. My daughters Georgia and Lizzy are such beautiful girls and they are both modeling. I’m glad they are doing it and not me. It’s their time now.”

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