February 9, 2010

Designer Profile | Kim Picard

Check out these hot (cold?) pics of fashions by Kim Picard!

About Kim [from her Myspace page]:

Kuei Kuei!! Kim teshenekatekun shet Pessamit nutshin. My name is Kim and I come from a big rez called Pessamit, it's located on East side of Quebec & it's beauuutiful, I looove it!! Love the people, the music (most people singing & playing guitar per capita!) I was born from a Montagnais (Innu) mother and an Anishnabe/Mohawk father. I've been living in Montreal for the past 15 years. I studied Fashion Design at LaSalle College and I've worked for various fashion companies. My biggest pride is my son, a wonderful 10 years old boy whom I love from all my heart!! I took a break from the fashion industry for 4 years, I worked for a provincial Native organisation as the Youth Coordinator. I've always felt great concern for our youth and the struggles they face. I wanted to become more involved and contribute in an active way. I still did many fashion shows and participated in various events. Now I am back full time to the fashion market, my first love & dream! I live life to the fullest, simple things makes me happy & the word "boredom" is not part of my vocabulary. I am an artist in every sense of the word: designing, sewing, painting, acting (theatre), arts & crafts, decorating, graphic design, photography and I also sing in a group called Odaya and have performed in many events...I love the girls I sing with! Last but not least, I'm proud of my Aboriginal heritage and I'm pleased to share my culture with others through my creations. Enough, if you wanna know more, just ask me!