December 16, 2012

BB Facebook | Best of November

I post a lot of fashion news on the Beyond Buckskin Facebook Fan Page. It's a great way to share info quickly without having to prep and write an entire post on it. I also recently started a 'Best of' post for each month where I highlight some of the coolest images, the most interesting articles, the biggest misappropriators, and the neatest videos that were posted to the Beyond Buckskin Facebook page.

So, now that we are WAY into December, it's safe to look back at November and pick out the best (and worst), so, fashionistas, here you go:

1. Beyond Buckskin went to Manito Ahbee! Miss Manito Ahbee was crowned (above), I chimed in about Aboriginal Music Week, got a lil cameo on CTV, and we had a great time all around! I can't wait to visit Winnipeg again.

2. No Doubt yanked their Too 'Hot' video, and we talked about it here and here (among other places).

3. We voted. We got Obama.

4. Jamie Okuma kills it again with these heels (to the right).

5. The headdress was misappropriated by this Colorado Boutique, this student, and some chick who calls herself Gypsy Soule and claims she can do whatever she wants, because you know why? Homegirl is Cherokee. So go on girl, stereotype yourself and reap the benefits from being 'Cherokee' - sounds like you really care about your community.

6. Then there was the Victoria's Secret Bloomer Headdress Incident of 2012. I first saw it here, then Huffington Post offensively asked if it was offensive, Chelsea Vowel talked about it (and No Doubt), Ruth Hopkins for Last Real Indians wrote a great article on it, Native Appropriations chimed in, and a Petition was started. And then they apologized on Facebook. Whew. Well, then.

7. Sometimes you come across cool images like this one of an Ojibwe man in 1862 who Indigenized his top hat. Top hats were given to Native delegates and leaders who visited Washington DC. I love how this guy (or his wife) turned it into a stand-up headdress, effectively melding two symbols of leadership (the top hat and the feathered headdress) into one.

8. I did an interview with Native(X).

9. Jezebel published this much-needed primer on Native cultural appropriation.

10. I had this super fun interview with the Santa Fe Reporter - It's Open Season!

11. Rock Your Mocs day was awesome! We had tiny mocs, northern style mocs, Pueblo mocs, and even some rugged Pine Ridge style mocs:

12. Michigan invited me to host some events - including the first ever Beyond Buckskin Streetstyle fashion show - awesome!

13. Racism is so hot right now:

14. There were these events held in honor of Native Americans (I just love that warm fuzzy feeling of being honored):

15. We launched the BUY NATIVE campaign! You can read about it here, or see the BUY NATIVE list here.

16. We also launched the first ever Beyond Buckskin GIVEAWAY! (which is still going on btw)

17. Some of the Beyond Buckskin artists' work (earrings and tee) showed up in Rolling Stone when they featured Nahko of Medicine for the People!

18. Snoop 'honored' us on Thanksgiving by making a mockery of a sacred tradition. Thanks bro.

19. I guess we should rename Native American Heritage Month to Insult Native Americans Month.

20. The Beyond Buckskin Boutique Cyber Monday sale was incredibly successful - THANK YOU! We investing in small businesses, putting money back into Native/American economies, and infusing hundreds of people's wardrobes with some legit Native style!

Onward to December! >>


  1. The video for #13 is about the homecoming of a guy who lost his legs and arms in Afghanistan. Is that the wrong link?

  2. Ha yes! I had the wrong link! It's fixed now:)

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